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Built for performance and comfort in a rally environment, it was built because a Humvee was too slow! report. But one look at the Syberia RS, and they might become converts. Reminds me of the Baja VW Bugs. 99% Upvoted. Some automotive purists might think a lifted Porsche 911 with knobby tires is anathema to what the car was meant to be. A high-rise gear leaver gives control o the sequential … Nice, fast, weird BMW X4 with H&R sport springs. This extraordinary Porsche 911 coupe from 1986 was converted into a desert trail beast by H&R and Burkhard Industries. 27-04-2020 12:00. The Porsche 911's first race was the 1965 Monte Carlo Rally. Porsche 911 Syberia RS. Article from uncrate.com. Porsche 911 već decenijama predstavlja definiciju vrhunskog sportskog automobila. The first race the 911 took part in back in the day was the 1965 Monte Carlo rally, which they entered because Porsche’s PR man at the time wanted to showcase just how much the future icon was capable of. The Porsche 911 has been one of the most iconic ever to hit the rally racing world and the car itself has been subject to thousands of custom builds, concepts, and case studies. Porsche Syberia RS. Unless it's a 911 that automatically provides sufficient cooling airflow And if it bears the name »Syberia RS«, the temperatures will fall by several degrees, at least by feel. At Tokyo Coffee and Cars Porsche 911 Turbo. 3 Minutes [Display] At first nobody wanted it, then it became a hit. Close. From concepts to customs, the Porsche 911 remains one of the most popular supercar platforms to re-imagine as a racy off-roader, including this 1986 Porsche 911 "Syberia RS." tuning blog 24. Our International Editions This air-cooled 911 was transformed into an off-road machine featuring a custom-made coil-over suspension from H&R, ensuring “the maximum of … Porsche. This specific example began its life as a basic 1986 Porsche—though it has now been rendered anything but, as proven by a YouTube video. Just like the original Porsche rally car, the Syberia RS comes with Recaro race seats and a roll cage. หล่อจัด Porsche 911 Syberia RS กับการดีไซน์สุดพิเศษ แต่งสไตล์ Off-Road อัพเกรดช่วงล่างใหม่ ทั้งหล่อคลาสสิคและพร้อมลุยมากยิ่งขึ้น . 2.2k. 37. share. Photographer: Constantin Stein… TAGS; Porsche; Syberia; RELATED ARTICLES MORE FROM AUTHOR. Владимир Абазов 25.04.2020 13:57. MSRP $203,500. David Schultz | award-winning designer, obsessed with fast & beautiful things; head of studio for McKesson Design, San Francisco - 1.92k Followers, 386 Following, 12203 pins 2021 Porsche Auto Cayenne. Reading time approx. A really special 1986 Porsche 911 from the year 1986 There is no doubt that the legendary air-cooled Porsche 911 are some of the classics most desired by vehicle lovers of yesteryear. Porsche 911 Syberia RS. Some people have very specific ideas in mind when working on air-cooled 911s and that’s exactly the case with H&R and Burkhard Industries. 2021 Bentley Bentayga Hybrid SUV Joins New Lineup For The Year. Burkhard was put off by the vehicle’s top speed, which is just 80 km/h. 52 comments. H&R Porsche Syberia RS. Posted by 7 months ago. 209 Followers, 10 Following, 6471 pins - See what W E (WOODSpintrest) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. By Michael Van Runkle Apr 25, 2020. 27 Apr 2020 - 10:30 Tuning Link. So to achieve the look Burkhard was after though, some drastic changes had to be made, converting the donor car from an exceptional road car to a go-anywhere desert eating machine. Dubbed the "Syberia RS", this unique 911 was a commission for a … Formacar. Uz pozadi smešten motor, prelepi dizajn i dosta luksuza, uvek je bio jedan od najpoželjnijih drumskih automobila. The one-off is called ‘Syberia RS’, and it uses the … H&R Reveals Porsche 911 Syberia RS Designed to Go Rallying Off-Road April 25, 2020 1 Min Read. This thread is archived. April 2020-> Cars from AZ, -> Tuner from AZ, BMW, MR, News vehicles, Videos, zzz. They stripped the off-road 911 to its bare essentials, and built a completely new chassis geometry to fit spring-mounted shock absorbers with variable height adjustment. And lately we have assisted in the creation of some of the most striking restorations in history based on these iconic ‘aircooled’. Vehicle Imagery licensed from EVOX Images. Although not a real RS, the body of the Porsche 911 Syberia RS is a 1986 car, which was apparently in collector’s condition. Modifikasi Porsche 911 Syberia RS. Autos. Archived. Porsche 911 Syberia RS BURKHARD INDUSTRIES - Syberia RS https://www.instagram.com/syberia_rs/ April 2020. 2021 911. Porsche Syberia RS. It's one of those things. Burkhard partnered with the Tailor Made division of German suspension … View discussions in 1 other community. Pria asal Jerman tersebut sukses merombak Porsche 911 bergaya ALTO (All Light Terrain Off … See Full Image Gallery >> Some history: The Porsche 911's first-ever race was the 1965 Monte Carlo rally, entered because Porsche's PR man at the time wanted to show how much the future icon … Syberia RS. Autos. See Full Image Gallery >> Some history: The Porsche 911's first-ever race was the 1965 Monte Carlo rally, entered because Porsche's PR man at the time wanted to show how much the future icon … An off-road Porsche! Porsche Carrera GT. The Porsche Syberia RS Rally Car from Buckhard Industries is built upon the rich heritage that the German carmaker has in the world of rallying. BY Dan Mihalascu | Posted on April 22, 2020 April 22, 2020. Autos. Singer Vehicle Design Collaborates With Richard Tuthill On ACS Rally Porsche 964. However, some of them do not precisely preserve … The two German companies collaborated on this … Autos. We love this, partially because it’s just cool looking and partially because it drives automotive purists up the wall. ใครบอกว่ารถสปอร์ตไม่สามารถลุยทาง Off-Road ลำบาก ? In the digital world, there are few creations that do this better than this Porsche 911X by Emre Husmen. 4-min read. Forma Car News Car Tuning. save. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. View H&R Porsche Syberia RS images from our H&R Porsche Syberia RS photo gallery. Porsche Syberia RS je savršen auto za sve terene. The German businessman reportedly wanted to buy the all-terrain military Humvee. First Lamborghini Sián … GridOto.com - Modifikasi Porsche 911 yang satu ini adalah milik pria bernama Kai Burkhard. Autos. H&R Spezialfedern has teamed up with Burkhard Industries to produce a unique crossover vehicle stylized after the iconic Porsche 953, the winner of 1984 Paris-Dakar Rally. Ares Design Reveals New Porsche 911 964 Turbo Restomod. Favorites Print page. GER’s Porsche GT2 RS. Syberia RS: Porsche 911 Tampil Gahar Ala Mobil Balap Rally Dakar . Porsche of the Day: Syberia RS A black car in summer? Instead, he imported a 1986 911 from Japan with the plan to turn it into an off-roader. Text: Alfred Rzyski Photo: Constantin Stein 09.07.2020 2 min If a garage without a 911 is a dull, empty hole, as Walter … Explore More Photos. Check out Syberia RS, yet another wilderness-capable Porsche 911. Singer Porsche 964. best. When you want a sportscar performance in something that will go off-road, you’d be hard-pressed to do better than H&R Development Center and Burkhard Industries did when they partnered to create the 1986 Porsche 911 Syberia RS. Porsche 911 GT3 RS … Още по темата » Официално: Porsche 911 (992) GT3 Cup 2021 » Corvette Stingray, Audi R8 и Porsche 911: С мотор в центъра » Ruf CTR Anniversary: Happy Bird’s Day; Porsche » … Porsche 911 Syberia RS: С гени от рали спорта . Gorgeous rare 1993 Porsche 911 Carrera RSR. Share Share Tweet Email Comment. This 3D project was shared by us back in April. Share on Facebook; Share on Twitter; Share on LinkedIn; Share on Flipboard; Share on Reddit; Share on WhatsApp; Send to email; Apr 27, 2020 at 9:00am. USA / Global. He first imported a collector’s condition 1986 Porsche 911 from Japan and then the shop went to work. share. Туит. 7 … The next year Porsche was selling an optional rally kit for the 911, and... Apr 25, 2020 - The Porsche 911's first race was the 1965 Monte Carlo Rally. Ali baš 911 ima i bogatu istoriju na različitim off-road terenima, podseća portal … Constantin Stein heads out with his camera and the Porsche 911 Syberia RS - the brainchild of H&R Development Center and Burkhard Industries, a 1986 Porsche 911 Coupe was made into an off-road powerhouse. 17.1k Followers, 2,128 Following, 152 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from syberia RS (@syberia_rs) This time, German specialists H&R have blessed our eyes with a special off-road build that is as stylish as it is capable. News ; Reviews ; Photos ; Videos ; Home Photos H&R Porsche Syberia RS. The Porsche 911 Syberia RS was commissioned by Kai Burkhard. 7 months ago. The next year … The RS-style tail, which is common for Safari Cars, was also added. The two German companies collaborated on this unique project named Syberia RS. hide. 14 Снимки; Апокалиптично Porsche с визия от Париж-Дакар и амбиция за Сибир. level 2. German suspension outfit H&R just built the Syberia RS, gave it a … What began … We don’t know what kind of engine … Luxury Cars. Porsche took the rally world by storm in the 1980s with the 953 variant of the 911, … Report Save. Watch This Gnarly Rally Inspired Porsche 911 Syberia RS. The … Porsche Syberia RS Rally Car. The modern version also has a Momo steering wheel. Sign … German auto enthusiast Kai Burkhard contacted tuning company H&R to build a one-off Porsche, and this was the result. Born in the spirit of the original 911 rally car from 1965, the stilted off-road, rear-engined monster became a legend. Autos. Porsche 911 Syberia RS by H&R Suspension and Kai Burkhard; slide-endcap. First US Deliveries of the McLaren Sabre Revealed. Burkhard shod the Fuchs wheels in Hankook DynaPro Mud Terrain light truck tires. This extraordinary Porsche 911 coupe from 1986 was converted into a desert trail beast by H&R and Burkhard Industries. Porsche 911 Syberia RS ══════⇩Follow Me ⇩══════ nstagram @madecouverteautomobile acebook #MaDecouverteAutomobile September is Porsche Month at autoevolution, as we're trying our best to celebrate Ferdinand's legacy. Visit our page for our complete selection of all-white, tobacco-free nicotine pouches. Luthfi Abdul Aziz - Rabu, 29 April 2020 | 19:00 WIB. 28/04/2020, 05:12 2.6k Views 998 Votes. In search of smokeless nicotine pouches? 4 min read. level 1. Syberia RS Is A 1986 Porsche 911 That Just Wants To Go Safari Rallying. Sort by. License plate in carbon design from autoschild-kaufen.de; Short-term license plate insurance - ideal for one-day registrations! Porsche 911 Syberia RS Safari Rally Car by Kai Burkhard Industries.

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