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You’ll also continue to pay all the remaining plan charges for our services for the minimum period, even if your SIM card or equipment is lost or stolen. However, see “equipment subsidy” below. If you have slow internet at home, or live in an area not covered by our super-fast broadband, GigaCube could be the answer. Instant answers from TOBi. GigaCube. GigaCube is portable – So you can take instant internet with you to anywhere covered by our 4G network within the UK. Cancelling, returns and faulty equipment: Please read our Returns Policy for details on how to do this. If your SIM card is lost or stolen, you must tell us as soon as possible so we can suspend our services and stop someone else using it. © 2021 Vodafone Limited. In the Giga Cube tariff from Vodafone, however, the actual maximum data rate is limited to 150 Mbit/s in the download. Wie Du MeinVodafone nutzt und Deinen Vertrag verwaltest. First, put Vodafone GigaCube CAT19 into operation Your micro SIM card is inserted. Now your Huawei Vodafone GigaCube is unlocked permanently to use with all GSM sim cards. 6. It will prompt for a simlock / Unlock Code. Log In. The device works be relying on Vodafone’s expansive 4G network (which covers 99% of the UK population) in place of fixed line broadband. The subsidy you pay will be 1/24th of the original value of the equipment less any up-front payment you made towards it, multiplied by the number of months left of your minimum period at the time the agreement ends. I suspect that the reson why I COULD not register as you adviced was probably e-mail adress that was already in use by previously registered account and the fact I gave very same email while ordering "gigacube" service. Infos: Any data used outside of this allowance will be charged at the rates set out in your Mobile Broadband Charges Guide. The Vodafone GigaCube 4G (Huawei B528) is slightly cheaper but restricts you to Vodafone’s 3G and 4G network. Speeds may vary significantly. We may offer you alternative equipment to address service quality. The data allowance on your Plan can only be used within the United Kingdom. You must purchase both the Equipment and the Plan directly from Vodafone in order for both features to work correctly. Enter http: //giga.cube or in the address bar of the browser. If prompted, login into the device. Vodafone’s GigaCube offers 4G and 5G home broadband from £30/month, without the need for a phone line or cable. 3. Unlocking Instructions for a Huawei Modem/Router. As the latest Vodafone 4G LTE router, Vodafone GigaCube Cat19 is not only new in the LTE technology, but also the appearance and design. Click on Login. © 2021 Vodafone Limited. Please close this window and try again. The Gigacube is what Vodafone has christened the more forgettably named Huawei B528s-23a, a device that’s almost two-years-old. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Choose an 24-month or 30-day rolling contract, depending on your needs. Plug in the network cable or connect your device to the WLAN. 2. Because of the quality of our services: If the service is materially degraded for an unreasonable period of time you may be able to leave the Agreement early without paying a termination charge (although you’ll need to pay for your equipment subsidy). Tell us where you are, and we’ll tell you where we are. In principle, the wireless connection can reach up to 300 MBit/s fast. Landline services ← Choose a topic on the left to get started. The Equipment and Plan is only for use at your Approved Address. GigaCube’s 5G speeds of up to 1Gbps eliminate buffering, so you can immerse yourself in the content you love, uninterrupted. Equipment subsidy:  All the information required to calculate your equipment subsidy is set out in your Welcome Letter. This can also be done by logging into My Vodafone or the My Vodafone app. Choose the 24-month or rolling 30-day contract that suits you best, then start a Live Chat and one of our advisors will guide you through the setup. Charging:  Your Charges Guide sets out current pricing information about out-of-plan charges (if applicable) as well as charges for additional services which are not included in your monthly plan charge. To ensure that you don’t experience any unexpected bills, there is a data cap automatically put in place once you reach your data allowance limit for all plans that do not have unlimited data. Sharing your data with third party agencies:  If false or inaccurate information is provided and fraud is identified, details will be passed to fraud prevention agencies to prevent fraud and money laundering. Joining & upgrading. Therefore, the router effectively turns a mobile data signal into a WiFi access point. Liability:  We’ll not be legally responsible to you for any loss or damage that is not directly caused by us or which we could not reasonably expect at the time we entered into the Agreement with you, for example, loss of income, business, profit, savings and missed opportunities claims. Please check the predicted coverage in your area using our coverage checker. Giga ist, wo Du bist. Can’t find what you’re looking for? or. Cancellation & returns. GigaCube offers 5G and 4G speeds using Vodafone's mobile network, which reaches 99% of people in the UK. We’ll not be responsible for any loss of service due to something outside our reasonable control. It doesn’t cover any equipment. You cannot use your own Equipment with a Plan. Or, if you fancy a new phone or plan, check out your options to upgrade. All these charges will be added to your bill as and when you use the services. Please refer to your device manual to determine the product specifications and restrictions. GigaCube. The actual speeds you experience will continually vary depending on many factors such as de-prioritisation, network congestion, device capabilities, location and network coverage. If you need to speak to us or have a complaint, please contact us on: If we can’t fix your issue, you may (i) ask that the matter is referred to an independent ombudsman under our Customer Complaints Code available on our website or by contacting us; or (ii) if you have an issue with goods or services bought online you can refer to the EC Online Dispute Resolution website at Call us free on 08080 408 408 from any phone, Please click here for a downloadable version of the Gigacube terms and conditions. Facebook. Contact us to discuss your options. Your device needs to be connected to the router either by WiFi or with a cable. Panorama Antennas DMM-7-38-2TS9 for LTE 4G 5G Huawei E398 Vodafone 5G Gigacube 4dBi + 2m cable - MiMo support. In the upload, a maximum of 50 MBit/s can be achieved. NEU: WLAN aus der Steckdose. We’ll send you notices by post, voicemail, text or email. Broadband App. Sections of this page. Registered in England No 1471587. However, our services are not fault-free and are not available everywhere in the UK. Check your WiFi is on; Open your Vodafone Broadband app; Go to the WiFi section and tap the pencil icon; You can edit the Network name and Password by tapping them; Tap the tick to apply the changes; Vodafone Broadband Portal. Because you simply want to leave us: If you’re outside of your minimum period, you can cancel at any time but you’ll need to give us 30 days’ notice. What do we do with your data? The Vodafone GigaCube router, also named Huawei B528s-23a, internally has a modern HiSilicon modem (Balong 722) which supports LTE category 6. You won’t have to pay a termination fee in this case although you’ll need to pay for your equipment subsidy, What we do with your information and contacting us. Mobile Broadband Traffic Management Policies. Dial from the GigaCube web interface > WLAN > WLAN Security Settings. Using the services: You’re responsible for other people that use your equipment and services which are only for your personal non-commercial use. These documents will include important information like: 1. how long we’ll provide our services to you and the minimum period you have agreed to stay with us; 2. your chosen services and how much these will cost you every month; 3. additional services you have chosen as part of your plan, when they start and end and when you’ll be charged for these; and 4. any upfront charges you’ve paid or may have to pay for your equipment. Sign Up. These Vodafone Gigacube terms are in addition to the terms set out in your Pay Monthly Airtime Agreement (‘Airtime Agreement’). Transferring the Agreement:  We may transfer this Agreement to anyone at any time provided doing so does not adversely impact your rights under the Agreement. If you are an existing Vodafone Pay Monthly mobile customer, you can check your data allowance at any time by downloading the My Vodafone app at, If you are not an existing Vodafone Pay Monthly mobile customer, you can check your data allowance by logging in at. Smooth sailing from there. Get instant internet access without the fuss of setting up a new WiFi connection. If you take no action within 30 days of us telling you about the changes you’ll be considered to have accepted those changes. Find all the info about your account by logging in to My Vodafone. With average speeds of up to 1Gbps and a choice of 24-month fixed or 30-day rolling contracts, you can effortlessly upgrade your internet connection – and it’s ready to use straight out of the box. We ask that you pay by direct debit – if you wish to pay by other means, please contact us. See more of Vodafone GigaCube on Facebook. Your maximum liability for charges incurred up until you notify us will be as follows: Notification within 24hrs: £100 maximum. The price of Vodafone’s GigaCube service depends on how much data you’d like. Notification 5 days+: all charges until you have reported to us. Your agreement is with Vodafone Limited, registered in England under number 1471587 at Vodafone House, The Connection, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 2FN. Some users may have some questions about this new LTE Advanced pro router or don’t know how to setup and use the new Huawei router.Today, we will list the FAQs and the user manual for basic functions and installation & settings. If you are experiencing a materially degraded service for an unreasonable period of time, please read our “Leaving Us” section below. If you’re looking for a fast alternative to fixed-line home broadband, Vodafone’s GigaCube can give you high-speed home broadband that’s delivered wirelessly over a 4G or 5G connection. Phone: 191 from your Vodafone phone or 0333 3040 191 (from UK landlines or other mobiles); Post: Vodafone House, The Connection, Newbury, Berkshire RG14 2FN; Website: I’m Vodafone’s digital assistant, and I help hundreds of thousands of customers a month with their queries. Kein Problem - im folgenden Video wird Schritt-für-Schritt erklärt, was genau zu tun ist. Connect up to 64 devices quickly and easily.*. It’s a portable wireless router that transforms our 5G and 4G networks into WiFi – connecting all your devices in seconds. Speed & connection issues. This could mean that during periods of congestion, Gigacube speeds may be different to the speeds experienced using our other services supplied over the Vodafone Network. GigaCube gives you fast mobile wireless internet access through our 4G network at a fixed monthly price. ← Choose a topic on the left to get started, Find out if your local store is open and how we're helping to keep you connected -. Got a question? Please see “Leaving Us” below for more information. As well as getting instant help from TOBi, you can keep an eye on your usage, pay bills, get rewards and more. Registered office: Vodafone House, The Connection, Newbury, Berkshire RG14 2FN. It’s made up of these Terms and Charges Guide which cover the SIM card and any services you use in your plan. Registered in England No 1471587. Jump to. Popular topics. Because of changes:  If we, (i) increase your monthly plan charge more than once per year or by more than the RPI rate or CPI rate plus 3.9% (depending when you joined or upgraded) – see section titled: During your agreement with us; (ii) increase your out of bundle charges or change our services or the Agreement to your material detriment, you’ll have a right to leave the Agreement early without paying a termination fee (although you’ll need to pay for your equipment subsidy We’ll let you know if this is the case and what to do before the changes are made. If you reach the data cap, and have run out of data, then you can opt to purchase a one-time data extra. 5G downloads can take just seconds, so you’ll get it in no time. The Vodafone GigaCube supports the LTE Cat.6 standard and is therefore theoretically designed for download rates of up to 300 Mbit/s. Der Vodafone GigaCube. The charges may change as follows: • Monthly price will increase each April by the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation published in January that year, plus an additional 3.9%. Who better to ask than someone who’s already found the answer? Vodafone Gigacube is made up of Gigacube equipment (‘Equipment’), a Gigacube plan, which is a Mobile Broadband plan with a minimum commitment period of either a 30-day monthly rolling contract or 24-month contract (‘Plan’). • Additional services: Charges for additional services may change from time to time and may be outside of Vodafone’s control so you can check our website for the latest prices. If you are within your minimum period, you’ll need to pay a termination fee. We may need to suspend our services if asked to do so by regulators or if required by law. We'll check if you can get 5G where you are before you buy – if not, you can still get Gigacube on our 4G network. See more of Vodafone GigaCube on … Good to know: If you use WLAN, enter the WLAN password (network security key). What I had to do, was login with my "My vodafone" credentials and then click "add contract" button. The Vodafone GigaCube 5G router (Huawei 5G CPE Pro) allows you to access faster 5G download speeds, at the cost of being a more expensive device. Your Charges Guide gives you a calculation to work out how much this will be. Security & controls. Vodafone has expanded its consumer and business internet offering by launching the new Gigacube mobile router. Even if you don't have a 5G-ready device, you can use GigaCube to enjoy the next-level speeds of our 5G network over WiFi. Du hast Fragen zum Vodafone GigaCube? Huawei B311 2020, CAT 4, 4G/ LTE 150 Mbps Mobile Wi-Fi Router, Unlocked to All Networks- Genuine UK Warranty STOCK (Non Network Logo)- White. An adviser is required to confirm that your home address is eligible to connect to the Plan, based on indoor coverage being available in your area. Change Wi-Fi name (SSID) First, connect your PC, smartphone or tablet to your Vodafone GigaCube CAT19 via Wi-Fi. You can find these documents at Home phone. The Equipment and Plan are only for your personal and non- commercial use. Hier beantworten wir Deine Fragen zu den Themen Registrieren & Einloggen.

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